Insulation in Southern IL

ETRU offers many variations of insulation. We feel insulation and proper airflow is key in producing efficiency and comfort in your home or place of business. We have a mobile trailer that we bring to location where we are capable of producing your desired results.

A few benefits of spray foam insulation:

  • Energy Efficient – Spray foam insulation is shown to provide more than 50% energy savings where other insulators are only showing 30%

  • Air-Tight – This means the foam is sprayed in liquid form. The product then mixes and expands allowing the foam to seep into any nook or cranny to close off those unwanted drafts

  • Moisture Barrier- Not only does air get through your walls or ceiling but water as well. Spray foam is impermeable to water. This means, if your house was ever damaged by water, foam will not absorb water like other types of insulation will.
  • Longer Life Span– The polymer that spray foam is made up of allows it to have an indefinite lifespan. Studies show that homes are still benefiting from their spray foam after 20 years.

Other applicational uses for foam:

  • Flat roofs
  • Coolers
  • Crawl spaces
  • Storage buildings

Spray Foam insulation is Eco- Friendly!

This product is designed to save you money, prevent mold, and moisture as well as last indefinitely. Our spray machine offers more than just insulation. We can also spray other applications such as Expando-Thane, for water resistance. EPS Hard Coat and Rock Hard bed-liners.

ETRU will strive to meet your needs. Give us a call today to talk about your options and whats best for you!