Preventative HVAC Maintenance

Most people do not understand that proper maintenance on your HVAC system will help prolong its life, so routine HVAC maintenance is commonly neglected. However, in our eyes, preventative maintenance is a must, and most manufacturers require it to keep the system warranty. Preventative maintenance will help keep your system always functioning properly, ensuring it lasts for many years.

When we sell a new system, Newcomb Heating and Air includes 2 years of maintenance for FREE. After that, or for customers with existing systems, to help you keep up with routine maintenance we offer a Service Agreement.

Service agreements are $140 a year for a single system and $70 per additional system. The agreement includes seasonal maintenance, one in the spring and another in the fall. If a problem is found the service technician will notify you and help you decide on the best course of action.

Spring Service

Below are just a few things included in our spring maintenance visit:

  • Wash the condenser with an alkaline wash to help expel all the dirt out of the coil
  • Rinse the evaporator coil
  • Check all wire connections
  • Check condenser fan amp draw
  • Check compressor amp draw
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Check capacitors
  • Check blower motor amp draw

Fall Service

During our fall maintenance visit, we will thoroughly check your heating system, including:

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HVAC maintenance

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